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This year we are focusing on Social and Emotional Learning through the Second Step Program. Click the link below to find out more about Second Step curriculum and find our current unit of study for each grade!

About Second Step


Jill M. Everett MA LCMHC,

School counseling is an opportunity for students to meet with a school counselor to process daily challenges that are interfering with their academic experience or emotional wellness. Counseling sessions occur during the academic day. Counseling is therapeutic in nature and student driven. Parental consent is required and all sessions are confidential. While counseling is therapeutic, school counselors are not licensed to diagnose students and there is no treatment plan (as opposed to licensed clinical mental health counselors or social workers who have a diagnosis component to their work and create treatment plans to guide therapeutic work).

Dear 6th Grade Families:

Please click here for a booklet created last year by David Mills and the GISU School Counselors in regards to school choice. This booklet has all the information about area middle schools and high schools. Parents are required to register their child(ren) at the school of their choice before the start of 7th grade and fill out the tuition voucher form as well as resident verification form. 

I have created examples of how to fill out the tuition voucher form and the resident verification form. Please click this link for an example. I will reach back out in January to talk in greater detail about the registration process and if shadow days are an option this year.


Mrs. Everett

What is Confidentiality?
Confidentiality means that whatever students talk about in sessions remains between the student and the counselor. Parents are welcome to ask questions about the themes or nature of the work and are asked to respect the boundaries of confidentiality.

How do I refer my child to counseling? 
Please reach out to your learner's classroom teacher or Jill Everett with any questions or inquiries.

I feel my child would benefit from additional counseling. How do I get assistance with this? 
Please feel free to ask Jill Everett for recommendations, your child's PCP or reach out to NorthWest Counseling and Support Services 802-524-6554


NCSS Crisis Support Line, available 24/7:
802-524-6554 or text 741741 

The Trevor Project: Crisis Support for LGBTQ Youth 
866-488-7386 or text START to 678678 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
1-800-273-8255 or Chat Online Here 

Meet Jill Everett, School Counselo


This is my third year as a School Counselor with CIUUSD. I enjoy teaching social and emotional learning to students because I feel the skills learned in class are important for students in their development as humans. I love to ask students Would You Rather questions at the end of each class and observe them debate their responses!

Before becoming a School Counselor, I worked for the Howard Center in the Children's Outpatient Therapy Department and in the Early Childhood Mental Health Program. I am a Sub Crisis Clinician for First Call for Chittenden County and a board member of the Vermont School Counselors Association. I am currently pursuing my Doctorate in Educational Administration.

I live in Williston with my spouse, my two children (ages 3 and 5) and our family dog. I enjoy distance running, paddle boarding, camping, Bikram yoga, skiing and spending time with my family. 


Contact Jill Everett for more information

Social Skills Group

​Students develop and enhance prosocial behaviors surrounding taking turns, listening to others, regulation skills and communication skills in a small group setting

Emotion Management and  Regulation Groups

Students enhance their abilities to identify feelings in self and others, communicate feelings, cope with emotions, develop calming/coping strategies.

May be offered as solely an Emotion Management Group or a Regulation Group

Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) Affinity Group

Brings students together who may have a similar background and identify as BIPOC