Title 1 Status


Title 1 is a federally funded program that provides financial assistance to states and school districts to meet the needs of educationally at risk students.  Some Title I schools offer school wide programs available to all students, while some offer a targeted assistance program for eligible students.  Both program types provide extra educational assistance beyond the regular classroom.

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Title I Information

David Mills, our district's Parent Liaison, has prepared a brief presentation on what Title 1 means for parents and families within the Grand Isle Supervisory Union. This presentation covers both the requirements for schools as well as the families' responsibilities as members of our school community.

Title I Video on Parental Rights & Responsibilities

The GISU Home and School Compact is an agreement between your home and our school regarding the commitments we make to successful learning. This is necessary to fulfill our educational purpose and mission to provide each student with the knowledge and skills necessary to become an independent learner, a contributing member of the community, and a responsible citizen. Sharing responsibilities and becoming a Home-School Team can make the winning difference in student success. 

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