Speech and Language


Hello, and welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!

My name is Mr. Vogl (many of the students call me Mr. V), and I’m an SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist) at your school this year.

What do SLPs do in schools? We work with children with all sorts of communication challenges. One part of communication includes making sure your message is easily understood (producing speech sounds correctly, using appropriate grammar, using correct vocabulary, speaking with friends and teachers in a polite and respectful manner, responding appropriately, ...). Another part of communication includes understanding what is being said to you or what you’re reading (understanding and interpreting the message correctly, comprehending what you’re reading, being a responsible and respectful listener, being an active part of a conversation, …). SLPs work with teachers, parents, and others in a school to ensure that children are getting the supports they need.

I also do case management and screenings & evaluations, and take an active role in promoting the concept that no student is left behind their peers.

On a personal level, I enjoy playing Sudoku, eating popcorn, spending time with my family, and being physically active throughout the year -- running, bicycle touring, kayaking, hiking (especially during the winter), and skiing.

I’m excited to be working with and advocating for each of you this year!

Steven Vogl (he/him)

Steven Vogl