Dear Families,

Bonjour! It is “merveilleux” to be back at school five (5) days! This is my second year teaching French at North Hero and Grand Isle. I will be at North Hero on Thursdays and Fridays while Mondays I will be alternating between the two schools working with classroom teachers to provide some bilingual experiences. 

I was born and raised in Switzerland and have been a French teacher in Vermont for the past 13 years. I love sharing the French language with students and teaching about Francophone cultures around the world. 

Your students are amazing and already have demonstrated incredible competence in language acquisition in their first language!  A sure sign that they are ready and able to learn another language. I will be helping them to acquire/ continue to acquire French in similar ways to how they learned to speak English: through meaningful and comprehensible input, authentic communication, gestures, props, images, games, songs and rhymes. 

It takes 20,000 hours of language exposure for the average 6 year old to reach age appropriate fluency in their first language, so you can be sure that I will be doing whatever I can to maximize the time I have with your children. Whether on recess duty, in the halls, or in the classroom, I will be working hard to provide as much input so we can have fun in French when we are in class  together. 

Through the lens of another language, the overarching target is to develop global citizens ready to embrace their world as curious, creative, courageous, and capable people.

On y va! (let’s go),

Madame Véronique